The terms and Conditions

. Reservations

You can make a reservation in advance through our website ( , through our email ( , or through from our mobile phone number (913327403) . Having made the reservation in advance, the driver will have in his possession a list with all the names of the passengers and their embarkation / disembarkation addresses, and the respective vouchers. All you need to travel with us is your voucher or your identity card or citizen card. You can change the date / time of your reservation up to 72 hours before free of charge, then it will not be possible. A voucher will be sent with all the conditions of the reservation, which the client must verify if they are all correct and, if not, please contact us to rectify them. If you do not contact us to rectify it, it will be assumed that all conditions are correct and as such, any misunderstanding will be the customer's responsibility.

. Payments

Payment for reservations on our website can be made by paypal, ATM references or mbway. Reservations by e-mail or mobile phone will be paid by ATM references. If the reservation is on the day of departure, payment must be made immediately. If for any reason attributable to the customer he was unable to board our vans, we will not refund the reservation payment.

. Boarding / Disembarking

The reservation times are for departure from your home or another meeting point chosen by the client and arrival at the airport and vice versa. It is very important that the customer leaves a phone number for a valid contact and that he is active because otherwise we will not be able to contact him and in case his address does not appear on the gps or any other unforeseen in the service, the delay or the non-completion of the it is entirely your responsibility. Fairoporto Unipessoal Lda is responsible for arranging another means of transport to the airport when there is a breakdown / accident of the van or when for some reason the driver missed the service without prior notice, so that the customer does not miss his flight. The same does not happen on the Airport-Home route, where the customer waits for a van from us or arranges another means of transport available at the airport. Any other reason, namely an accident on the road where we are not involved or traffic or any other reason unrelated to Fairoporto Unipessoal Lda will not be responsible for the facilitation / payment of another means of transport or payment of compensation. The customer must be at their door at least 5 minutes before the designated time so as not to cause delays. If the driver arrives at the previously designated time and the client is not there, there is no place waiting for him or the return of the reservation. If the driver does not arrive on time, please wait for a while as it is probably due to traffic on the road. If it is more than 15 minutes late please call our customer support number to take appropriate action. Passengers disembark at the airport at the designated place (top floor). The boarding place will be at the P8 park for our types of vehicles. The P8 park is the last park after entering the boarding area, (there is the Taxis park, the rentacar car park, the bus park and the P8 park after the barriers). Only persons of legal age can travel at Fairoporto Unipessoal Lda or minors provided they are accompanied by authorization from parents or guardians. Passengers who are drunk, excited or in any other way that could jeopardize transport security may be denied entry.

. Transportation

Transportation will be done in modern 9-seater vans with all amenities from a / c, Wi-Fi, among others. The vans will always be clean and in conditions for a safe and comfortable trip. Each passenger can take 1 large suitcase (32 kg) or 2 small ones. If you take more than that, it may not be possible to transport them (it depends a lot if the other passengers also take more than usual) and to pay an extra fee. The transport of animals will always be done in the suitcase and packed in a specific container provided by the customer. It should be noted that the suitcase is properly lit and ventilated. Children up to 3 years old do not pay and up to 12 years old they pay half. From that age, all passengers pay their normal ticket. It is not allowed to eat in our vehicles and the only drink allowed is water. Fairoporto Unipessoal Lda is not responsible for any lost or damaged object inside our vehicles. Whenever this happens, call our customer support if the driver may have found something and if so it will be returned.


Fairoporto Unipessoal Lda, reserves the right to cancel reservations with a 24 hour notice and without having to pay any type of compensation. The customer can cancel their reservation 72 hours in advance without any loss.

.Cancellation by Covid-19

Fairoporto Unipessoal Lda, reserves the right to cancel transfers without 24-hour notice and without having to proceed with any type of compensation, whenever there is a strong suspicion or confirmation of Covid-19 infection by any of our employees or customers so that the necessary confinement measures can be taken, alert from the NHS and everyone who was in contact with the person in question and so that the correct disinfection and hygiene can proceed of the establishment and / or vehicles.