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During the period of deflation and return to normality, FAIROPORTO UNIPESSOAL LDA commits itself to minimize the risks of propagation of Covid-19, taking several measures of information, hygiene and distance.



1. Each employee of this entity has a specific working time that allows him to work alone. In case of impossibility, the distance between jobs is more than 2 meters.

2. Each element has at its disposal information on all measures recommended by the General Health Directorate.

3. Fairoporto Unipessoal Lda provides individual protection material and various products for personal and surface hygiene, reinforcing its cleaning routines.

4. Before entering the premises, customers and personnel outside the service must wash their hands with alcohol gel and wear or request a mask and shoe protectors (in this case, hygiene kits and personal protective equipment will be free of charge) , will be fully supported by Fairoporto Unipessoal Lda.


1. According to the protocol, when entering the premises, hand hygiene with alcohol gel solution is required. Then, it is necessary to put on the mask or visor for the work period and shoe protectors.

2. Hand hygiene: wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer that has at least 70% alcohol, covering all surfaces of the hands and rubbing them until they are dry.

3. Respiratory etiquette: coughing or sneezing into the fl exed forearm or using a tissue, which should then be immediately thrown away; Always wash your hands after coughing or sneezing and after blowing.

4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands.

5. Avoid having loose hair, a beard and long nails.

6. Social conduct: Avoid close contact, handshakes, kisses, shared jobs, face-to-face meetings and sharing objects and utensils.

7. Comply with daily self-monitoring: evaluation of fever (measuring body temperature twice a day and recording the measurement value and time), checking for cough or difficulty breathing.

8. Any symptoms associated with the virus must be immediately communicated to the higher level and to co-workers, and the necessary safety, cleaning and disinfection measures must be taken.

9. When leaving the premises, wash your hands thoroughly or wash your hands with alcohol gel solution.




1. Each employee is responsible for cleaning their workspace. Various cleaning fluids and sprays, cloths and disposable wipes are available.

2. The space is cleaned by employees.

3. Cleaning should be done several times a day, namely surfaces and objects in common use (tables, light switches, door handles, cabinet handles and coffee area, after use); and own use (keyboards, monitors, desk and objects). Thus, it is suggested cleaning mid-morning, at lunchtime, mid-afternoon and before departure.

4. Although people circulate with shoe protections on the premises of Fairoporto Unipessoal Lda, the floor must be cleaned with an antimicrobial solution once a day, preferably at the end of the working day.

5. The rooms must be ventilated daily, and more specifically at lunchtime and / or at the end of the working day, or if possible, be ventilated naturally during the entire day.

6. The container that receives the disposable material is at the entrance / exit of the facilities.



The following information is made available to all customers:

1. How to comply with the rules for infection prevention and control.

2. What is the established internal protocol for the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

3. The distribution of information, within the scope of the activity, is done in digital / online support.



1. Individual protection kits (disposable mask and gloves) are available to customers, for the amount indicated when transferring, non-profit and merely in accordance with the values ​​practiced in the market.

2. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are available for use on site by customers.

3. The cleaning or disinfection of the means of transport used must be done after each transfer, and in accordance with the rules applicable to this type of transport (with special care in the areas where customers touch: door handles, seat belts, seats , surface of the luggage compartment, etc.).

4. At the end of the working day, cleaning will be carried out using an Atomizer (a device used to molecularly spray the cleaning fluids), which will produce a better result.

5. Employees and customers must be responsible for washing at high temperatures (about 60ºC) the clothing used in transfers and other accessories, according to the protocol.



1. Maintaining the social safety distance between customers and the driver, upon reception, packing, payment, according to the recommendations of the General Health Directorate.

2. The maximum occupancy of the means of transport used in the transfers, according to the recommendations of the General Directorate of Health (in this case in vehicles with 9 seats, a maximum of 5 customers can travel), being as far away as possible.

3. The distribution of information, within the scope of the transfer, preferably in digital / online support.

4. Compliance with internal hygiene and safety protocols by partners involved in transfers.

5. When transferring, the driver will be responsible for initiating the procedures in case of suspected infection (accompanying the client with symptoms, providing the necessary assistance and contacting the national health service and if necessary and possible to transport him or her). as soon as possible to a Health Unit).

6. When cases of suspected infection occur in our facilities, the responsible employee (must accompany the customer to the isolation area, in this case an isolated room, provide all necessary assistance and contact the national health system).

7. The decontamination of the isolation area whenever there are positive cases of infection and reinforcement of cleaning and disinfection, especially on the surfaces frequently handled and most used by it, as indicated by the General Health Directorate.

8. The storage of waste produced by patients suspected of infection in a plastic bag that, after being closed (eg with a clamp), must be segregated and sent to a licensed operator for the management of hospital waste with biological risk.

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