. It is very important to leave a valid contact that is always available for contact.

. As well as contact details, it is very important that all other information provided, whether at the time of booking or in the client file, is accurate and truthful so as not to create delays with reservations.

. When a pre-booking is made, the customer receives an email with this information and with the reference to pay and with the information that he will soon receive another email with confirmation (or possible time change). From that email you can then pay the respective. In any case, if you intend to pay before confirmation, it will be refunded if it is rejected.

. In cases where the payment method chosen is paypal, payment is made before confirmation. If the service is not possible, we do not even accept the funds and they are returned to the customer's paypal account

. Attention to the mandatory fields, because without filling it out it is not possible to make the reservation

. Any other questions call our customer support number (913327403) or our email