Covid-19's in the news in Portugal

Starting from almost the same starting point, in Portugal there are fewer sick and dead when compared to Spain or Italy.

In comparison Portugal ends up doing well, but with caution, because when Spain or Italy were in the same dissemination phase of Covid-19 they had more deaths treated more infected people.

On April 1, 18 days after passing the bar of two infected people per 100,000 inhabitants, Portugal had 8251 people with a positive test, or 80 per 100,000 inhabitants. When comparing, Spain had almost 66 thousand people infected, or 140 patients per hundred thousand inhabitants.

In the same phase of spreading the disease, Italy had less infections: 59 per 100 thousand inhabitants. But that may have an explanation: at the time, Covid-19 was concentrated in the north of the country.

Following the same reasoning for the number of deaths, on Wednesday, Portugal reached 187 fatalities by Covid-19, or 1.82 per 100 thousand inhabitants. In a comparable phase of the disease, Italy regretted the loss of 2.38 lives and Spain reached 3.80 deaths.

Data taken from a report in JN

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